Planning for your visit and Staying at Xuan Ju

Consistent with Daoist philosophy, Xuan Ju advocates simple living and harmony with nature. This includes a monastic tradition of not wasting food, fending for yourself, cleaning after yourself, and respecting the people around you. In Asian practice, we do not bring dirt inside our homes; therefore, we ask that you bring indoor slippers and indoor training shoes. Please read our Code of Conduct During Training: click here.


  • The rooms are arranged and priced as shared double rooms with 2 twins or 1 twin + 1 full bed. Some rooms have bunk beds. Since we are reopening, there is a high possibility that you may be sharing a room with another guest of the same sex. Depending on availability, single-room accommodation can be arranged ahead of time for an extra fee. Below are pictures of our four rooms in Xuan Ju.
  • Xuan Ju Practice Hall – We have installed new mat flooring, which gives just enough grip on your feet and cushion for impact when practicing. Consistent with the care of a traditional training hall, indoor training shoes are mandatory inside the training hall at all times.
  • Preparing for the weather/season – weather permitting, we may be holding the workshop outside on the grass fields, primarily to accommodate social distancing. We recommend you bring shoes that do not mind getting wet and muddy if it may have rained recently or from morning dew.
  • In the Spring through Fall months, the critters (i.e., mosquitos and ticks) come out to feast and play. We recommend bringing your preferred choice of insect repellant with you. Check yourself each time you return to the retreat center to ensure you are not tracking any ticks inside.

  • Outside garden and chicken coop – Be mindful not to disturb the garden patches and the chicken coop around Xuan Ju. In addition, there are also protective boxes of turtle eggs in the vicinity. Daily care and great effort are placed into tending the grounds on Xuan Ju. The yields from the garden and chicken coop are already privately allocated.
  • If you dine with us, please inform us of dietary restrictions or food allergies. We only have one kitchen and will do the meal prep ourselves or order from local restaurants, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Also, if you have culinary skills you are willing to loan out, please let us know. We are looking for volunteers.

  • Kitchen Use – The kitchen should be cleaned after each use. Plates and utensils are washed, dried, and properly placed where they belong. Perishables should be stowed away, and floors swept. This is to ensure that we do not attract unwanted guests.

  • Packing List – Xuan Ju will provide linens, towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. For hygiene, we ask that you bring your favorite toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and mouth and body wash. Indoor shoes/slippers are mandatory as a tradition in an Asian household. Please be prepared to bring extra warm clothing for early Spring and Fall, depending on the season. Please note that you will be training and will be sweating a lot. Hence, packing extra sets of workout clothes is recommended. We have washing and drying machines for use at the center.

  • Personal Devices – Xuan Ju does not have a television set or computer for regular use. We ask that you bring your personal devices for entertainment and communication with family and friends. Xuan Ju has Wi-Fi for everyone’s use. If you prefer reading, we have an extensive library of Daoism, meditation, and history books, albeit all related to healing arts.

  • After Stay/Check Out – Kindly strip the beds and any used towels and place them on the side of the beds. Hang dry any wet items, especially wet towels. Clear your trash and any recyclables, place them in the trash repository, and recycle bins in the kitchen.
  • Housekeeping – Washing and drying machines are available. It will be simple living in the monastic tradition where everyone will be responsible for preparing and cooking meals, washing dishes, and cleaning your room, just like at home.
  • Extended Stays in Xuan Ju – There will be a daily cooking and cleaning schedule in Xuan Ju. Marketing, preparing, and cooking meals will be shared by all. If you are not keen on cooking, you may offer something that does not require elaborate preparation. It may be salad or sandwiches. You are also responsible for cleaning your room. A scheduled calendar will be provided for cleaning common areas such as the kitchen, dining, meditation, family room, bathrooms, and training hall. This includes yard clean-up from time to time.

Code of Conduct During Training: click here.