Visiting Xuan Ju for a Day Trip or an Overnight Stay

Master Zhou welcomes visitors to Xuan Ju by appointment only.

Some visitors come to discuss Daoism, practice one-on-one, consult Daoist charts, and do divination readings. Often, Zhou Shifu teaches online or in person in Xuan Ju or Beverly, MA, and/or attends business and other personal affairs. This ensures that someone is present and you are properly received in the center when you arrive.

Please read our Code of Conduct here.

2024 – Calendar for Master Zhou

Month of October 2024
Monday, October 21 – Friday, October 25 ( 5 Days)

For Individual Weekend or Weekday Stay

  • Appointments are required. Please email us with your dates to check availability at
  • Once we confirm your dates, we will send you a link to make payment.
  • The receipt of your payment serves as the confirmation of your reservation.

Directions and How to Get to Xuan Ju

Our address: 132 2nd New Hampshire Turnpike N, Francestown, NH 03043

Xuan Ju Daoist Center is located in southern New Hampshire. Francestown is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. The population was 1,610 at the 2020 census. There are no public transportation services around Francestown, and you will need a car to get around Francestown and neighboring towns. Hence, driving is the best option to get to the center. But for students beyond the driving range, the nearest airport is in Manchester, NH. So, if you plan to fly to the center, the Manchester/Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, is about 42 min (27.0 mi) via NH-136 W to the Daoist Gate Center. Alternatively, you can also fly to Logan Airport in Boston. Logan is 1 hr 31 min (75.5 mi) via I-93 N to the center.

Notice: Master Zhou will try to pick every student up from the airport if he is not tied up or teaching classes; however, there is a high probability that he may not be able to do it with his busy schedule and classes. There is a better chance that he may drive you to the airport on your departure. Therefore, please plan accordingly.

  • By bus, from Boston to Manchester, N.H. You can book a passage from South Station, Boston, to Manchester. Click here to get a quote.
  • From Manchester, you can get a taxi or hailing services like Uber and Lyft.
    • UBER will cost around $50.00 to $80.00
    • A & W Airport Service BBB Rating +: 48 hours’ notice is required – $65.00 excluding gratuity. Address: 165 Bowman St., Manchester, NH 03102. Phone: (603) 235-2720