Visiting Xuan Ju for a Day Trip or an Overnight Stay

Master Zhou welcomes visitors to Xuan Ju by appointment only. Some visits occur from people who want to discuss Daoism, practice one-on-one, consult Daoist charts, and do divination readings.
Often, Zhou Shifu teaches online or in person in Xuan Ju or Beverly, MA, and/or attends business and other personal affairs. This ensures that someone is present and that you are properly received in the center when you arrive.

2024 – Calendar for Master Zhou

Month of October 2024
Monday, October 21 – Friday, October 25 ( 5 Days)

Individual Stay at Xuan Ju – One room, two beds. Lodging only and the use of the kitchen.
$100 a night

If you are planning to dine with Zhou Shifu, we request a small donation to the supper he will prepare that night of your stay.

For Individual Weekend or Weekday Stay

  • Email us with your dates to check availability at At least one week in advance.
  • Once we confirm your dates, you will pay via the link below.
  • The receipt of your payment serves as the confirmation of your reservation.


One Night Stay at Xuan Ju (you may also select multiple nights at check out)

Questions? Kindly email us at