Taiji and Qigong, ancient Asian arts, are health-preserving practices that should be accessible to many. They can be enjoyed by rich and poor, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, or religion.

I have learned through studying the research and from my many years of teaching that Taiji and Qigong can play an important role in sustaining mental and physical health while also enhancing medical treatment for many diseases.  Pain in the spine, neck, and joints, due to years of bad habits, can be alleviated through these soothing practices. Finally, Taiji and Qigong provide powerful antidotes to the stresses of contemporary life.  

Master Zhou Xuan Yun

Therefore, it is my vision (愿景) to pass on the traditional Wudang healing arts by training more Taiji and Qigong teachers in order to provide people of all classes and colors the benefits of these ancient Asian arts. In spring, we will hold teacher training sessions at our Center. Our flexible schedule allows participants to adapt their training to their particular situations. Upon certification, teachers-in-training can teach online courses at and through the Daoist Center.


Yearly Spring Teacher Intensives

When: April and May
Duration: Two months, one month, two weeks, one week
Reserve Your Spot: $300 or $500.00 non-refundable deposit
RSVP your space to Master Zhou at info@daoistgate.com

Learn more about becoming a certified teacher.
See the progress of building the training hall, Xuan Ju, in Francestown, New Hampshire.
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