Temple B’nai Abraham, 200 East Lothrop Street, Beverly, MA

A Brief History of Our Practice at the Temple
Temple B’nai Abraham has been home to our Taiji and Qigong practice at the Northshore for many years, since 2013. Being a non-profit, Daoist Gate Center was ardent about finding an affordable space to spread the healing practice of Wudang Martial Arts. In Temple B’nai Abraham, we found a space and also a home! On our tenth anniversary, we are committed to strengthening our aligned mission to promote cross-cultural understanding across race, philosophy, and religion and foster positive community engagements that benefit all.

Schedule for Beginner’s Classes

Mondays and Thursdays

6 – 7 pm: In-person class with Daoist Gate Instructor for Beginner Students only. If you are brand new to Taiji, this class is for you.

  • 1 Class per week for a month – $70.00
  • 2 Classes per week for a month – $110.00

For Inquiries, please email our certified teacher: rsegil@gmail.com

Sign up for Beginner’s Classes Only

Schedule for Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Mondays and Thursdays

Mondays, 7 – 8 pm: Advanced students
Thursdays, 7 – 8 pm: Advanced students

  • 1 Class per week for a month – $ 70.00
  • 2 Classes per week for a month – $110.00

For Inquiries, please email our certified teacher, Rosie Segil: rsegil@gmail.com

Sign Up for Intermediate & Advanced Classes Only

Payment Policy Information

While our Beverly classes are set up as recurring monthly payments, you can cancel anytime. However, the monthly payment constitutes the number of classes you signed up for, regardless of how many times you can attend. Unfortunately, we are a small not-for-profit organization operating on a tight budget, and we cannot prorate, carry over, or issue refunds for those missed classes.

For additional questions, kindly email us: info@daoistgate.com.