10 sessions by Rosie Segil. This class will cover the stances and movements of Wudang Taiji 108. Taiji 108 is an extended form that consists of three parts. Woven in them are basic and transitional movements consistent with all Taiji practice: primordial opening, single whip, brush knee, play the lute, grasp the bird’s tail, qi’ na, lion’s kick, pat the horse, and cloud hands, among others.

Our certified teacher, Rosie Segil, will teach students with Taiji experience or who have practiced Wudang Taiji. We will incorporate the principles of 步法 (Bù fǎ ) – footwork and posture, 身法 (shēn fǎ) – internal movement, 節奏 ( jiézòu) – rhythm control.

There are three objectives:

  • Understanding each step and intention – familiarizing with the movements’ concept and gaining lasting images of these movements to committing them by heart.
  • Practicing and moving together for enjoyment and health.
  • Building a committed practicing community where ever you are.

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Every Sunday – October 9 – December 11

  • 9 -10 am (EST), on Zoom

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