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Join our certified teacher, Anita Eredics, for Hui Chun Gong – 回春功, a Hua Shan Daoist Qigong set. About 800 years ago, Hao Ta-Tong, a student of Taoist ancestry Wang
Chongyang established it in the period around of Jin Yuan dynasty. It had been taught secretly
until 1980. it was published by 19th-generation student Bian Zhi Zhong.
The core of Hui Chun Gong is keeping healthy and prolonging life. The main effect of the
exercises are to nourish the Jing and the Kidneys, which, according to Chinese medicine
are responsible for vitality, physical health, and longevity.

The Hui Chun Gong consists of 10 sets of movements. The exercises include qigong
(breathing exercises), massage, vital energy coordination, and breath control. The
relaxed movements are beautiful, soft, and elegant, requiring gentle, round, and continuous. All the process of exercising the Gong, one should be in a cheerful, peaceful mind, reflecting the tranquility of nature. The exercises have an extremely effective rejuvenating effect are highly recommended
for disease prevention at all ages. They stimulate microcirculation and heart function,
strengthen muscles and joints, deepen breathing, and balance the reproductive system.