Although our focus was finishing the training hall, we are launching a fundraising campaign for an urgent need –  to provide additional functional bathroom facilities in Xuan Ju. Currently, we only have one full bathroom located upstairs.

This is an immediate goal! April and May will bring 8 students to Xuan Ju for intensive training, and having just one full bathroom is insufficient to meet the needs.

We have a plan to build and renovate two bathrooms:

  1. Barn bathroom – accessible to students while training, adjacent to our training hall.
  2. Extension bathroom – renovating the half bathroom to a full bathroom, located downstairs, near the extension lodging wing.

How much is needed to complete the project?
The funds are estimated to be $5,000.

How will the $5,000 funds be spent?

We want to keep the expenses minimal. Student volunteers will undertake all labor work. The funds will be allocated for bathroom features, building materials, and hiring certified plumbers and electricians.

Will you help raise the $5,000 funds to build these bathrooms?

Master Zhou hopes you can assist us. Every penny counts. Whether you’re giving $5 or $100, you will have an impact in building a piece of Xuan Ju!