Starting Monday – January 15, 2024
This series will enable students either to begin studying the Wudang Taiji 108 form by learning Part One or, if they have already learned this, to continue their training with Part Two. Led by our certified teacher, James Hester, each class will include a brief warm-up, Qigong exercise, and standing meditation before covering the form.

Is it for me?
The class is open to those interested in learning Taiji for the first time and those experienced with Wudang Taiji or other styles. Those beginning their journey into Wudang Taiji will come away with a series of exercises and a portion of the 108 forms, which can serve as a valuable self-contained practice to cultivate a healthy body and mind. They will then be able to pursue training in more of the form. Those continuing their training will have the opportunity to study new movements, hone those they already know, and work to understand their martial applications in more detail.

What will you learn?

  • New students will first cover the basics of Taiji footwork and the essential movements found throughout the Taiji 108 form. The remaining lessons will gradually be dedicated to learning Part One of the form. There will be a time in the last couple of lessons to practice and refine the sequence.
  • Experienced students who have already learned Part One will move on to covering Part Two in small portions spread throughout the classes. There will also be an opportunity to review the movements of Part One in more depth and refine them.


Monthly = $40.00
Starting Monday – January 15, 2024
Starting Monday – January 15, 2024
9 – 10 PM (GMT London Time) or
4 – 5 PM (EST New York Time)
1 – 2 (Pacific Time)

Beginners are welcome.

Sign up: $40 monthly subscription