We are part of a small group dedicated to self-improvement through studying and practicing traditional Wudang martial arts. Since building character is a deeply personal process, there needs to be a set of rules and mutual understanding between the students, teacher, and students, among other students.

When entering a classroom, either online or in-person, we shape our thinking to be respectful towards the teacher and other students. We work together as a team to practice, meditate, and train to pursue self-improvement. We foster mutual respect for our training partners; this camaraderie extends beyond the training floor or meditation mat – creating a supportive community that uplifts one another – the essence of true martial code and honor.

Participation is important in a training environment. The traditional Chinese martial arts training, either in Wudang mountains or local schools, requires that students provide 100% participation. If, for some reason, you need to work or conduct personal activities in the middle of your training, please let your teacher know ahead of time. If your schedule will not allow you to participate fully most of the day of your training or your stay duration, Master Zhou requires you to inform him of the reasons so he can formulate how to accommodate your training vis-à-vis other students. Intensive training will only be effective if you have the commitment to train fully and accordingly.

General Etiquette:

1. Maintain good personal hygiene.
Good hygiene shows respect for others and creates a positive, professional environment.

2. Arrive on time for class
Punctuality shows enthusiasm for learning, minimizes disruption, sets a good example for other students, and ultimately shows respect to the teacher and fellow students. If you arrive after class has begun, please stay close to the edge and bow accordingly to let the teacher know and wait for him to acknowledge you before joining the class.

3. Request permission before leaving class
Your teacher should be aware of your location and should also be alerted if you’re not feeling well and need to leave. Requesting permission before leaving helps minimize class disruption and shows respect for the teacher and the other students.

4. Let your instructor know if you will be absent for an extended period of time.
Your teacher cares about your health and well-being and needs to plan lessons based on who is expected to be in class at any given time. Informing your teacher of an expected absence shows involvement and respect.

5. Respect physical space in the classroom and other people’s privacy and boundaries.
We work together as a team, but it is imperative that we respect other students’ privacy and boundaries as students. We expect students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner toward other students. Daoist Gate will not tolerate unwelcome harassing conduct in any shape or form.

During Class:

1. Always train safely.
We always strive to train safely and prevent injury. The best way to do that is to be cooperative and respectful to those around you. If your physical condition limits your ability to perform certain movements, let your teacher know.

2. Full attention and diligent training during class.
There is time to talk and socialize, and there is time for training. You will be given ample break time for water and rest between training, but training time should be devoted to training.

3. Do not disturb other students during class.
We are all striving to learn; each student has sacrificed his or her time and money to be here and needs concentration to practice. Do not distract others by joking or talking unnecessarily.

4. Keep the training hall clean at all times.
After each class, please close the windows, turn off the lights, sweep and tidy the floors, and put weapons in their proper places.