Master Zhou’s vision is to perpetuate the legacy of Wudang healing arts. He realizes that he can’t do this alone. A team of dedicated teachers that share his vision (愿景) is the key to its sustainability and the glue to bind people together towards this goal. Hence, he mapped out a pathway to enable certification for those whose love and passion is to teach martial arts. We have a certification process, and teacher-in-training to hone your skills. We welcome you to join our online teaching community as a Daoist Gate teacher while continuing your growth as a leader and instructor.

Teacher’s Training Intensive in the Spring

Master Zhou will dedicate months every Spring for intensive training for teachers. Whoever you are: a budding teacher, instructors who are already teaching, acupuncturists, and therapists who wish to include the credential of Taiji and Qigong as healers, can come and train with us at Xuan Ju. We have options for two months, one month, two weeks, or one week stays- options designed to work for professionals with busy schedules.

2023 Spring Teacher Intensives

When: April and May
Duration: Two months, One month, two weeks, one week
Reserve Your Spot: $500.00 non-refundable deposit
RSVP your space to Master Zhou at

Teacher’s Certification Process

Teacher certification is the process by which prospective instructors show their commitment to professional development as martial arts teachers.  When you obtain the necessary teaching credentials, it doesn’t only convey your intention but also validates the level of mastery that you have achieved through dedication, time, and hard work — That’s true gōngfu. Our goal in offering teacher certification aspires to that.  The process of certification should demonstrate your physical skills and technique, knowledge of intent, proper body mechanics, and body and mind connection, including the cultural and historical origin of the martial arts which you have decided to teach.  In addition, it ensures and maintains the integrity of the discipline which the teachers must pass on to their prospective students. Read up on the complete details of our teacher’s certification and credentialing requirements.

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