The Daoist Gate Center Xuan Ju is a dream come true for Master Zhou. After acquiring land in a forested area and protected park in the southern part of New Hampshire, in Francestown, Shifu Zhou moved from Boston to New Hampshire. After establishing his private school Daoist Gate in Boston in 2010, he founded his charitable organization, The Daoist Benevolent Association, in 2011. He renamed it The Daoist Gate Center Xuan Ju in 2021. As the name infers, it will be a hub for Daoist enthusiasts, practitioners, teachers, and students for learning, cultural exchanges, and retreats. The Xuan Ju emblem shows a practitioner who embodies the Hanzi’s word “道” Dao (can you spot it?) as he contemplates harmony and balance under the sky. Zhou Shifu endeavors to spread the healing practices of Wudang arts through the center. It will be the “heart” where the continuation of Daoist thoughts, practice, teaching, learning, and philosophy can flourish.

Xuan Ju Daoist Center is located 1.5 hours from Boston, on over 14 acres bordering hundreds of acres of conservation land. A labor of love, he manually builds the training hall steadily and continuously with the help of his students. It has a meditation space, calligraphy, and a library room that houses Asian culture and history books. The center has 5 bedrooms, a family room, a meditation room, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a library, and a spacious family room. It can easily hold training and meditation workshops and comfortably accommodate 15 people at once—a communal kitchen where guests are encouraged to share and whip up their recipes. Often, Master Zhou prepares nutritious whole-food meals for his students. Xuan Ju’s grounds are delightful in Spring, Summer, and Early Fall seasons. It has since attracted many student visitors to train on weekends, week-long or extended workshops in Taiji, Qigong, and Kung Fu. Master Zhou hopes Xuan Ju will continue to be the nucleus of the Daoist community for his students and Wudang practitioners worldwide.

Xuan Ju’s Lodging Facilities